By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

This week’s Sheriff’s Corner I would like to remind the citizens of our great community to sign up for the county’s emergency notification system.

The emergency notification system is called Code Red and you can sign up by simply going to the county’s web page which is and locate the Code Red link. Click on the link and follow the prompts and register your phone numbers you wish to receive the notifications on.

When the Sheriff’s Office first initiated the system it automatically registered your land line number which was listed in the phone directory. Since most people now use cell phones, those cell phone numbers need to be registered in the system.

The Code Red system allows the Sheriff’s Office to send out an emergency message to those registered. The Sheriff’s Office only uses this system to notify the public in emergency situations. The Sheriff’s Office has used the system in the past to locate missing and endangered people and to warn the public about criminals that are dangerous to the public that might be in the area.

The Sheriff’s Office appreciates your support and wants to keep you informed in times of emergencies that affect our county.