On April 13 and 27, 2018, guests and museum members alike were allowed a  unique view into the lives and challenges of staff at the Ely State Prison.

Warden Timothy Filson began his career as a correctional officer in Ely and then returned years later to serve as its prison warden . He has a strong sense of community, and is always seeking ways of “giving back” to Ely on behalf of the many dedicated prison employees.

In the future, White Pine Museum and the Ely State Prison will be pairing in events that will benefit this area.

Warden Filson likened his job as a “cat and mouse game” where officers are always on the lookout for hidden contraband or handmade weapons that could compromise the safety of all involved.  He brought two display cases containing a plethora of creative devices fashioned by inmates as either offensive or defensive weaponry as well as ingenious creations designed for escape.

The display cases contain descriptions of the items inside and Warden Filson has generously donated these display cases to the White Pine Museum. Please come down to the museum to see this attraction as well as many other exhibits.

Call 289-4710 for more information.