Learning Bridge Charter School recently held their 2018 Spelling Bee.

Pictured with LB are all of the first, second and third place winners. Kindergarten through third grade compete in teams of three, fourth through eighth compete as individuals.

Kindergarten team: 1st place,  Garrett Lister, Cash, Christensen, and  Weston Ruesch;  2nd place, Miles Manuele, Henry Bishop, Mia Ramirez;  3rd place, Job Hanson, Casey Cracraft, and Harmony Tait.

1st grade team: 1st place, Kate Eldridge, Chloe Hellmann, Kason Giles; 2nd place,  Jasmine Parent, Reese Maestes, Kiarra Vaught and 3rd place, Faye Saunders, Ashton Brewer, and Briar Palmer.

2nd grade team: 1st place, Gracie Hall, Eva Maestas, Theron Hernandez; 2nd Noah McLean, Rebekah Bishop, David Perez; 3rd Oliver Brumit, Kiarra Vaught and Talviano Sifre

3rd grade team: 1st place, Camden Johnson, Charlee Mangum and Payton Walker 2nd place, Ainsley Giles, Brooklynn Sena and Connie Gubler 3rd place team, Liberty Tait, Aiden Campell, and Lily Criner

4th grade: 1st place, Caleb Hellman,  2nd place, Jessica Loghry, and 3rd place, Sasha Rodriguez.

5th grade: 1st place,Brynn Gardner, 2nd place, Cora Rajala, and 3rd place, Zoei Mathews.

6th grade: 1st place, Aiden Parent, 2nd, Maegan Fuller, and 3rd Amber Williams

7th grade: 1st place, Ashton Visser 2nd place , Emelynne Lawrence and 3rd place, Tyler Petersen.

8th grade: 1st place, Kaycee Shultz 2nd place, Bailey Shultz and 3rd place, Jesse Adams.

Organizers of the 5th annual Spelling Bee, Billie Coleman, Kristy Sedlacek and Carla Powell would like to thank pronouncer Jan Newman, Judges Beverly Cornutt, Darcy Evers and Julie Krch. Secretaries Hilary Giles and Leslie Derbidge for printing certificates.

Thanks to LB for presenting awards with Mrs. Sedlacek and all the parents who came to support the students.