The Prospector Hotel recently donated all of their RV hookups to the Ely Shoshone Tribe. The Tribe has plans of putting in a future RV park that will be located near the Silver Sage Travel Stop.  Chairwoman, Diane Buckner for the Ely Shoshone Tribe said that the tribe already has a dump and fill stations that are not only used by people passing thru but by the people in the community.

Buckner spoke about their increased partnership with the community and touched a little bit on the RV Park that is in it’s beginning stages.

They are working on developing eleven to nineteen pull thru spots for Recreational Vehicles.

Buckner said Mr. Woywod offered to help and assist by providing the donation.

“The Prospector Family is more than happy to donate the RV equipment to our friends at the reservation. We’re excited to see it put to good use. We are ecstatic the Holiday Inn project is moving forward and will benefit our community for years to come” Woywod said.

Much of this project is contributed to the profits from the sales of the marijuana dispensary. Buckner noted that the money goes back into the community and this project is proof.

Joe Dice, co-owner for the Tribal Cannabis Consulting Firm was asked if he ever thought cannabis sales would have such a great opportunity to assist with economic development? Dice answered “yes, absolutely! It was why we tried so hard to work with the City. Right now we would be almost a year in and thousands of tax dollars to both Governments.”

Dice went only to explain how their experience in Cannabis has shown them that over the last decade the impact this can have on small communities. “It has made us very happy to be part of something that has such positive impacts on so many people” Dice said.

When asked if there are any future projects they see the cannabis industry helping with down the road in White Pine County? Dice replied “I hope so. White Pine county is poised to be in a unique situation of having more stores per capita than any place in Nevada. It will be similar to the west coast markets and Colorado where saturation will drive down the prices.” Dice went on to explain that the customers will greatly benefit from this, although they expect both governments, Tribal and City, to garner about half if not less the state’s average per gram sold based upon two stores in a small population area….think about two Subways, two McDonald’s, two Starbucks separately owned.

The price drops as will the tax revenue.  He also noted that Colorado saw this and now is the home of the five dollar gram. Drop of 66%.”We have never encountered a community that deliberately shot themselves in the foot with this huge opportunity for a community. Not to mention the profits will also now leave Ely to an out of town owner, unless the city and the tribe compact, as was approved by city council but later vetoed. We hope to hear that has been reversed” Dice said.

Once that occurs the special taxes for social programs will end.