Special to The Ely Times

Next time your out at the golf course you may notice a few extra trees. A collaborative effort went into the project. The funding for the trees and drip lines came from Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) and additional grant funds by the Urban and Community Forestry program of the United States Forest Service and was awarded to White Pine County to purchase the trees.

The Ely Tree Board, noted that White Pine Public Works Director, Bill Calderwood was the driving force in obtaining the grant and designing the drip system.  White Pine County Golf Course Pro Randy Long selected the trees and their placement.

On May 11, 11 people attended a tree pruning seminar led by NDF’s Lisa Ortega, the states’ Urban and Community Forester, and Ben Bolton, Northern Region Fire Protection Officer and a Certified Arborist.  On the morning of May 12, about 20 volunteers gathered at the golf course to plant sixty trees as part of Ely’s Arbor Day activities.

With a rain and brief snow storm the night before the temperatures were brisk, and although wet weather is usually ideal for planting trees it was too muddy to utilize the equipment needed to get the job done.

The Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts were called off and the 20 volunteers went home a little disappointed.  This past Tuesday the weather was more amenable and several retired individuals were able to help the county employees get the trees in the ground.