District Court

May 7, 2018

Johni Rae Nelson: Guilty of possession of a control substance. Court orders defendant 12-30 months NDOC suspended, placed on probation not to exceed 3 yearss, $3 GMA fee, $25 AA fee, $60 forensic fee, $350 PSI fee, $300 attorney fee, $150 DNA fee. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.

May 21, 2018

Harold Blaine Holmes: Probation violation. Court orders CR-1312105 revokes probation, reinstates probation with conditions 74 days incarceration with 74 days credit time served and dishonorably discharged. CR-1604045 revokes probation and imposes sentence 19-48 months NDOC. Judge Gary Fairman presiding.

Vicki Peterson:  Court finds the defendant guilty of unlawful use of a controlled substance, and suspends judgment, places on Diversion program with a mental health evaluation to be completed and probation not to exeed 3 years. $3 GMA fee, $25 AA fee, $60 chemical analysis fee, $300 attorney fee, $350 PSI fee. Defendant shall spend 30 days incarcerated in jail, to be placed in New Frontier’s 30-45 day program. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.Robert Wayne Layton: Guilty of 2nd DUI. Court orders 10 days jail time with 8 days credit for time served and the other 2 days credit for residential confinement, $750 fine.