In 1987 I made a commitment to the citizens of White Pine County to serve as a Deputy Sheriff and to do the best job possible to make White Pine County a safe place to live, work, attend school and enjoy what our community has to offer. That feeling of responsibility has never left me and that is why I am running for White Pine County Sheriff.  Serving the citizens for over 30 years, I have the knowledge, the dedication, and the desire to do this job. Not long after I began my career in law enforcement, I set my goals high knowing that I would one day seek to be the elected Sheriff of White Pine County. I have continuously worked toward preparing myself for this position and believe I have obtained the necessary education and learning experiences to continue to be the Sheriff of White Pine County.

The first step to achieving this goal was to obtain a Basic Training Certificate from Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training which qualified me as a police officer in the State of Nevada. In 1997 I had the opportunity to attend and graduate from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  I proceeded to work on my education and received both an Intermediate Professional Certificate and an Advanced Professional Certificate from Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training. To this day, I continually work on my education to make sure that I am apprised of important changes, not only in Nevada laws but also in Supreme Court rulings that affect law enforcement issues as well.

In November of 2017, I was appointed Sheriff for White Pine County and have been serving in that capacity to the present day.  During the appointment process, I received recommendations from three prior sheriffs and one prior undersheriff.  I have made decisions and changes in the Office that I believe will better benefit the citizens of White Pine County.  I have ideas for the future as well and will be working with the County Commissioners and other local group organizations to accomplish them.

As a native of White Pine County, this has always been home.  I have watched my children grow up here and now my grandchildren. This place is special to me–which is why I have dedicated my career to law enforcement as well as donated many hours to community volunteer efforts.  I hope to continue serving the citizens of our great community as your sheriff and seek your support in the upcoming 2018 election.

Thank you.

Scott Henriod


On March 5, I filed for the Sheriff’s race, I’m ready to take on big issues and community concerns. I’m prepared to lead as White Pine Counties Sheriff by facing challenges head on with vision and follow through.

In 1989 I began my career in Law Enforcement with the White Pine County Sheriff’s Department. During my devoted career I completed Post Academy Training and quickly became a Field Training officer, mentoring new officers. I devoted over 20 years as the President of the Employees Association where I advocated for fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions for my fellow officers. I promoted to Sergeant under Sheriff Bernie Romero and shortly after Dan Watts was elected Sheriff he promoted me to Lieutenant where my duties included supervision over the jail along with administrative and financial responsibilities. As of February 5, under the current appointed Sheriff, I’m serving my community as a Lieutenant in the detective division.  For 28 years I have helped to make White Pine County a safer place to live, work, visit and enjoy.

The position of Sheriff requires management skills and a commitment to transparency and fairness as a public servant. I can be entrusted with the public’s safety as your Sheriff.

I’m not an imposing man, I am however a grounded, and level-headed individual who leads by example. My quiet demeanor often allows me the opportunity to contemplate the best possible solutions, yet my common sense and instincts give me the confidence to respond quickly when necessary. It’s those traits that have earned me a reputation as a confidant and trusted source for guidance.

I consider my career with the White Pine County Sheriff’s Department a privilege, I look at the opportunity to serve as Sheriff as a way to give back, mentor and guide the careers of officers and help to inspire a trusted and respected relationship between a community and the laws created to protect it.

I encourage you to contact me directly with your questions at 775-293-7122 or by email at


As your Justice of the Peace, for the past 6 years, I presided over criminal & civil cases in a court of law & ensured the public’s constitutional rights (speedy trial; counsel; remain silent; cross-examination; bail; presumption of innocence) are protected. Protection of these rights is not for their own sake or the accused’s benefit alone. Instead, they form the foundation of our legal system & society. Minimizing their importance puts liberty & freedom at risk. The constitution is worth taking time & effort to protect and I am committed to do so.

Law school taught me evidence, constitutional law, criminal & civil procedure, writing, research, contracts & many other subjects. But regardless of the subject, each day the lesson was how to understand, analyze & properly apply the correct standards of the law. Logic, reason & the implications of any legal conclusion were emphasized. Respect for constitutional rights was instilled as a core consideration. I internalized these principles & passed two of the country’s more difficult bar exams.

For 12 years as a licensed attorney, I supplemented my education with practical experience. Since at least 2004, I have worked in courtrooms, as an intern, law clerk, prosecutor or judge. I understand how to read law, because I have written it.  As a prosecutor, I learned the rules of evidence & how to recognize weak arguments. I developed a deep understanding of the various burdens of proof, because I had to meet them.

As a law clerk, I learned from four very different district judges, with different experiences, styles & personalities, but sharing two things in common: (1) education & experience in the law; & (2) a commitment to fairness & justice. I strive each day to embody the best qualities I learned from them.

As a prosecutor, I learned it was not my job to win cases, but to do justice. I continue in that belief as your Justice. Justice & fairness do not require conviction in every case. Instead they require listening fully to each side & deciding based on the evidence & the law. My decisions are only as good as the information provided by the parties. As a result, independence -not being beholden to either side- is important. Each decision I make is aided by education & experience in the law.

I continue to expand my education & experience. I serve on the Supreme Court’s bail reform & specialty court funding committees. I act as a pro tem judge in other jurisdictions and speak at educational seminars. I was twice elected by fellow judges as a director of our judges’ association. I am earning a Master’s degree at the National Judicial College.

My non-legal experience includes community college; a bachelor’s degree from UNR. I managed a McDonald’s franchise. I worked as a library assistant; resident advisor & tutor. I first moved to Nevada 18 years ago. I married my wife, Erin, in 2007. We have two children, Henry & Rebekah. Erin runs a small business employing several people. My family & I are committed to the community, being active in church, Lions, dance, theater, scouting, schools & community service.

When you choose an attorney to represent you in Court, you want for the most qualified most experienced one. Selecting a Justice should be no different.

If you have questions, please contact me. The Court belongs to you and is open to the public; you are welcome to attend.

I appreciate your support and look forward to continuing as your Justice of the Peace.

Judge Stephen Bishop


My name is David Costello, and I am running for Justice of the Peace in WP County.  I was born and raised in Ely and am the only native running for this office. I attended WP County schools, and graduated from WPHS in 1974.  I married local girl, Erin Munson, and we are the proud parents of 6 children, and even prouder grandparents of soon to be 14 grandchildren.

The position of Justice of the Peace has always been an interesting one. A law degree is not required to hold this office, and it was intended to be a lay position.  Someone who keeps the peace, is fair and uses common sense.  I feel this person should do what is best for the people of this county, and not to further their career.  If elected I will always work to keep the best interests of the people at the forefront, and to do what is right for this county. The Justice of the Peace should have a good relationship with the local law enforcement, and if elected I will work to keep that relationship strong. An honest, respectful working atmosphere, is what I will strive to keep alive with everyone.

I worked for the Ely Times for 15 years and am very proud of what we accomplished there.  For the last 4-1\2 years I have been employed at RNMC, the first four as a truck driver and the last 5 months in the IT department.

I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and served as the President in 2013. I served as a Trustee on the WP County School Board, in the mid 90’s and chaired the board through a very turbulent time. At the end of my tenure the district was cash solvent and things were moving forward. I am active in and have held numerous positions in my church. In my spare time I enjoy the beauty of White Pine County, and love spending time with my family.

I would love the opportunity to serve the great people of White Pine County.  I feel I am the only candidate that can bring an outlook without a law or law enforcement background. Fair, honest decisions based on COMMON SENSE is what you can expect from me. Above all remember to exercise your privilege to VOTE!


My name is Matt Hibbs and I am running for the office of Justice of the Peace.  For those of you who don’t already know me, I am a very recently retired State of Nevada police officer.  I was a Peace Officer for over 28 years.  I was a supervisor for 20 of those years.  My wife and I have lived in White Pine County for over 27 years.  I have the reputation of being a hard working, honest and fair person, who uses his common sense. That is exactly what is needed as Justice of the Peace.   I understand how important it is to truly be a part of this community. During my 27+ years of serving our community, I have not only been a very supportive parent to my three grown children, I have been involved with, and served, in various capacities as a volunteer and board member with organizations such as Boy Scouts of America, WPHS band boosters and drama boosters, Little League baseball coach, coach for Steptoe Valley soccer club, assistant WPHS Football coach, and a sports official for high school football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. I am currently a member of your White Pine County School District Board of Trustees.

I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1982, having earned a bachelor degree in Psychology. I have a broad base of experience. I previously worked in the private sector in retail sales, customer service and management. As a business owner and sales person, you work with a wide variety of people and get a broad perspective of what people are like. You learn to listen to people.  As an officer, I also learned to deal with a wide variety of people and a wide variety of issues in the performance of my duties.  It is important to listen to all sides of a situation, be informed of all the facts, and use common sense, before making a decision.   Officers are trained to make decisions using those attributes.

During the summer of 2017, I was approached by both local prosecuting and defense attorneys, who said that White Pine County needs a new Justice of the Peace.  That was soon followed by many state and local police officers that approached me feeling the County needs a new Justice of the Peace.  In the months soon thereafter, multiple local business people approached me with the same narrative, that they desire a new Justice of the Peace.  All of these individuals not only want a new Justice of the Peace, they wanted me to run for the office. They knew that my experience in law enforcement, my life experiences, hard work ethic, honesty, fairness and ability to use my common sense would make for a good Justice of the Peace. Rural Nevada Counties have a long history of electing former police officers as their Justices of the Peace.  Citizens know that police officers, just like Judges, are held to a higher standard of behavior than other occupations.  To serve the people of Ely and our surrounding communities is truly a high honor. I pledge to faithfully represent the law and the values of the community; that is, hard work, use common sense, respect, honesty, and fairness.   Those attributes makes me the best choice for Justice of the Peace for White Pine County.

Vote for Matt Hibbs for 

Justice of the Peace. 


My name is Nichole Baldwin and I am your County Clerk. I’ve lived in Ely for fifteen years and I love my home here. I have two sons, ages 15 and 11, who are extremely active in sports, Boy Scouts, and outdoor recreation. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and eleven years working in the County Clerk’s Office.  I was hired by Donna Bath in 2007, promoted to Chief Deputy Clerk in 2010 by Lin Burleigh, and won the 2014 Election for the County Clerk seat.  You made the right choice then and I’m still the best choice for County Clerk.

The last four years have been fantastic!  My staff of four wonderful ladies and I have been working diligently to provide excellent service to the District Court, the County Commission, the voters, and the public.  What comes out of the Clerk’s Office is highly technical and specialized and requires a high level of knowledge for successful execution.  The successes we’ve experienced are a direct result of my 11 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the Clerk’s Office. My staff and I provide our full time and attention that is required for a no hassle experience; we meet ever-changing deadlines and implement constant changes stemming from legislative action.  We have formed and nurtured relationships with the departments and agencies that we serve and consistently address the needs of our customers no matter what they are seeking.  When my staff has pressing questions on processes or need backed up due to being short staffed, I am able to help because I trained them and have what it takes to get the job done.

There are so many new and exciting things going on in my office this year.  You will see new voting machines for Early Voting and on June 12th; I have worked diligently for the past several weeks toward the smooth execution of this election.  I am in the middle of bringing in new software for our daily operations and creating a business license system.  The successes that are achieved by my office are a direct result of the knowledge and experience I bring to the table.

I show my love for my community by volunteering and offering what I can to local boards and committees. I am currently a Trustee with the Ely Elks Lodge and love what they do for our local veterans, children, and community groups.  I’ve been on the USJR Court Statistics Committee for 6 years and have contributed to the AOC’s Court Statistics Dictionary that Nevada Courts use daily.  I’ve completed the POOL/PACT Essential Management Training and participated in the Engaged Leadership Program which allowed me to work with local leaders.  I’ve sat on the combined City/County Recycling Committee and the County Land Sales Committee.  I’ve also coached t-ball and soccer and have helped with my son’s teams throughout the years.

As your County Clerk, I have continued the legacy of putting on transparent elections, ensured the efficient operations of the District Court filing office, consistently offered friendly and professional customer service, and worked as a valuable resource as Clerk to the Board of Commissioners and to the Board of Public Health.  My office has hit a new level of smooth operations and we have no desire to fall backwards.  Smooth, honest, predictable, accurate; that’s what I bring to the table as your County Clerk.  The bottom line is that White Pine County will NOT be better served with an inexperienced Clerk; history has proven this.  Vote for experience, knowledge, qualifications, and proven performance.

Retain Nichole Baldwin as your 

County Clerk.  Thank you!


I am Meg Rhoades and I am running for White Pine County Clerk. The county clerk position is very important for both the function of our County Commission and our legal system. It requires intelligence, hard work, adaptability, ethics and the ability to lead a staff so that they can perform in a professional and efficient manner to best serve the community. One must maintain a friendly, productive work environment that graciously serves the public who has elected them.

I was born and raised right here in White Pine County. I moved away from the area from 1996-2005. When I returned it was so nice to be home. I have worked most of my life to help make Ely and White Pine County a great place to live, work and visit.

Growing up, I was taught the importance of community pride and service. Through the years I have been very actively involved in White Pine County 4-H as a member, county, state, and national representative. I have also served as president or vice president of the 4-H Parent Leader Organization for several years. I have been president of White Pine Jr. Jazz Basketball since approximately 2008, treasurer for White Pine Little League from 2003-2017, coached almost every sport, served on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Committee both here and in Elko, NV and actively participated in Beta Sigma Phi and the White Pine County Fair Board.

For the past 12 years I have been employed as the Event Planning Specialist at the Bristlecone Convention Center. I have worked closely with local and state leaders to promote tourism for both White Pine County and the entire state. In 2015, I was selected by Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Division of Tourism to attend a training/sales mission in Europe to train tour operators in sales for rural Nevada. I have worked with many individuals throughout the community to build and expand such events as Fire & Ice, Volunteer Appreciation, The Great Bathtub Boat Races, Race the Rails, and the Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Christmas. I was an integral part of the team that planned and implemented the National Speleological Society’s 2016 National Convention, the largest convention ever held in Ely.

I am used to working in a fast paced, multi-faceted office where details are crucial. I believe the office of County Clerk allows me the opportunity to continue working hard for this community. Over the past 12 years I have become very familiar with the Nevada Open Meeting Law and NRS. I encourage everyone to vote either by absentee ballot, early voting or on June 12th at their designated polling place in this very important primary election.

If you have questions or concerns regarding my campaign and would like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 775-296-0766.


Hello I’m Ian Bullis!

Since I don’t have a staff and find it awkward to write about myself in the 3rd person, I’ll speak plainly 🙂

On Thursday, March 15th, I filed to run for White Pine County Commissioner, Seat 1.

Many of you already know me but for those who don’t, here are some quick Facts about me:

I’m 34yrs old

I married my amazing wife Sarah in August, 2005

We have two children, 7 chickens, a rabbit, a dove, and a Germain Shorthair Pointer (dog)

I Own:

Inline Music Productions

Three Fold Media

And help my wife run her company: Sarah B’s Housekeeping

I am the Worship Pastor at Calvary Church in Ely

And I am the cofounder of

Most of my career has been spent in sales, marketing and business management.Before moving to Ely from Carson City, I spent several years developing strong relationships with leaders on our state’s economic development agencies.

I am running for office because I am passionate about this community. Moving here was the best decision my family and I ever made, and it is my heart to see increased prosperity in our region.

I was encouraged to run because people I trust and respect felt that my skill as a manager, passion for economic vibrancy and ability to think outside the box would be a valuable asset to the county leadership team.

If you’re not sure whether you are ready to support me, have questions or would like to talk more, please feel free to call or text me: 775-781-3526. Connect with me on facebookOr stop by my office and say hello1502 E. Aultman St. Ely.

I would greatly appreciate your vote!

I’m George Chachas, candidate for the White Pine County Commission.  I am a Viet Nam Veteran and a graduate of Weber State University with a BS in History and a Minor in Police Science.  I am a former City Councilman and served as Ely’s Mayor two different terms.  I’ve served as vice chairman of the W.P. County Democrat Central Committee, served  as spokesman for the White Pine Motel/Hotel Association, served on the County Tour & Recreation Board as a member and chairman.

I was employed as a security /EMT , then a fire inspector, and then a safety & security inspector for Kennecott Copper.  Presently I’m a local businessman operating the local Radio Shack Dealership

I am a fiscal conservative person and in the years that I have held different public offices,  those entities had a healthy financial position  with no over expenditures and a high  response to the taxpayers needs.  There were minimal tax increases if any, unlike what our County has going on now.

I have attended County meetings for years and have a good understanding of the issues  facing our communities.   We need to stop adopting  new rules and regulations and simply enforce what we have in place.  Selective enforcement …..depending on who you are….needs to be addressed and those that are responsible for the infraction need to be removed.

Public safety issues need to be addressed so that our communities have secure feelings that there will be timely and  proper responses to their needs.   It is crucial that those that we put in charge of providing those services are properly trained, hold the proper credentials and they are given the support they need to carry out their mission.       Financial accountability is the key to making government work effectively thereby maintaining  the trust of the people.

I have the experience and the desire to serve our communities.   I ask for your vote and support.   Thank you.


Hello, I am Johnathan Dishong. I see amazing potential in WhitePine County. I am excited for the opportunity to be involved inbuilding upon the good and working with the community on what does notwork for the people of White Pine County.  On June 12 please show upto vote!


If you think that voting in the right people into the right officeswill solve all our problems you would be wrong.  It takes a communityto really effect meaningful and long lasting change. The Father hasgiven us all (purpose) inventions, books, and businesses. He means forus all to thrive not just merely survive. As a community we can cometogether and realize the potential of White Pine County.


It might not come as you would expect.  It comes withnew technology that moves us away from traditional manufacturing.Hundreds if not thousands of units can be produce in a fraction of thetime and in a fraction of the space.White Pine County would also be a great place to manufacture specialtyfood items (gluten free, nut free, vegan, etc.)


There is a good foundation that is in place and can be builtupon. Trail rides, tours, camping packages,  specialty hotels,glamping are just a few of the ideas that can grow upon from what wehave.  Our Great Basin is beautiful, let’s show it off!

GDP;  Tracking our growth to help understand our trajectory. TheCounty can compile a list of products produced in our area in aneffort to understand our market place and how to encourage growth. Alook back at some of the County Commissions decisions to see where wecan decrease the cost of doing business would be a good idea.  Othercounties have worked with state and federal agencies to help encouragenew businesses.

JOBS;  While mining is ramping up.  We are still in need of medium payskilled labor that is located near town. Some of these jobs can comewith manufacturing, service industry and transportation, tourism,small businesses, the list goes on.

DECREASING COST OF LIVING;  Food is one of the highest costs. We couldwork to revitalize the efforts for community gardens.  Efforts can bemade to produce products we use  every day like bread, vegetables, andcleaning products.

HOW TO BE A HERO FOR OUR COMMUNITY!  If you have an idea voice it! Ifit is not spoken it has no life.  Plan your day, work your plan.  Aplan not acted upon is worthless. This is something that theCommission has been struggling with.  In the past they paid tens ofthousand of dollars for assessments and action plans that they neverfollow through with. Individually,  we can work on our own budgets andwork toward getting out of debt.  This is the quickest way tofinancial freedom.  This also frees up income for investment likesmall businesses which creates jobs.  Run for office, the best way tochange a system is to be part of it.  Serve on a board or district,there are tons of boards you can join!

“There is the world that is, and the world that should be. We livein one and must create the other.”  Jim Butcher


My name is Travis Godon and I am running for Seat 5 on the White Pine County Commission. This seat will be decided on June 12th, 2018 in the republican primary election being there are only two republican candidates running in this race.

I was born and raised in White Pine County with a background in agriculture. I went to college at the University of Nevada-Reno and obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering graduating with Cum Laude honors. I am an active business owner and investor headquartered in Ely. I have been a business owner since high school and have learned many skills including negotiation, cash flow management, employee relations, and so forth.

My motivation for seeking office is to solve the issues that have been facing this community for decades and decades. It is time someone who is a constitutional conservative that has some bravado, take some action for the citizens of White Pine County. For too long our community has been burdened by infighting, excessive taxes, excessive regulation, and overall lack of action. That being said, the current board of Commissioners have taken some great steps in making this community a better place but there remains plenty of work to do. I plan to bring a fresh perspective to the board and to limit/streamline government to the best of my ability. I am a free market capitalist that believes White Pine County should be open for business in order to diversify the economy and bring stable jobs.

I am not running to be a “political crony” but to make positive reforms for this community that will require tough decisions at times. It will not be easy but it can be done with unwavering principals and persistence. With your support, we will bring White Pine County into an era that is driven by the mission statement of “More Freedom Less Government”.

Feel free to contact me on my Facebook page with any questions:


My name is Carol McKenzie. I was born and raised in White Pine County. My husband and I raised six children in Lund. When I figure children in our family I count spouses and I add them to the count. Therefore I am grandmother of 53. I am the great grandmother of 45. Needless to say I sometimes have a hard time remembering birthdays and sometimes names and who they belong to.

I have served on many board in White Pine County over the years. I started on the Lund Town Council and served there for 9 years, 7 of them as chair. I have been on the regional planning commission. It no longer exists. The nuclear waste advisory board, the EMS advisory board, and the Chamber of Commerce are some other boards I have served on. I am now liaison to some other boards representing the County Commission as are the other commissioners. I really enjoy being on these boards and try to attend all of the meetings of each one. Being on the county commission or any other board is very time consuming if you do a good job. It takes determination and the willingness to attend a lot of meetings. As an example of a busy month I give you April. I had 19 meetings for the month. They weren’t all commission meetings but were related to White Pine County interests.

Most months are not that busy but it does take planning to accomplish what is needed. As I am retired I do have the time to devote to this position. Being a County Commissioner is a very interesting and sometimes frustrating job, but I really like doing it and feel that I am and can still be an asset to the county. That is why I am running fore re-election.

I have been involved in many aspects of White Pine County. I served as County Commissioner from 1995-1998. I am in my third year of my second term as a commissioner. I love White Pine County and am very happy to live here.

I would appreciate your vote.