The Ely Times

Last week’s Tour and Rec Board meeting had several agenda items, but one in particular was the selection of a new Director for the Tour and Rec Board.  Ed Spear held this position for 18 years and his contract expired earlier this year.

Several candidates submitted their resumes and it came down to three.

Chairman of the board Steve Stork noted at their last meeting they conducted public interviews. One candidate withdrew and one was unable to participate in the interview.

The board utilized a scale system for each candidate. Stork said, “We went through and ranked them. The top candidate as ranked by the board, Kyle Horvath, was who the board ranked highest and looking at his resume and a stellar candidate, I think he’s got some remarkable qualifications and background. I would recommend and keeping with the practice of how we ranked it, Kyle Horvath be offered this position.

Board member Bryane Goeringer, agreed, noting that Horvath was more than qualified, and board member Jolene Gardner agreed as well.

Caroline McIntosh, Tour and Rec Board member, said, “It did help having the scale we used. I thought some of the questions could be difficult.  I thought all three candidates were great, but his stood out as the scoring revealed.”

Stork noted to the board that if they decided to offer this position they would need to determine salary and if they were going to give Horvath  an allowance for moving expenses.

McIntosh recalled discussion of this matter from a previous meeting. She reminded the board they were looking in the range of $70-$90,000 a year.

“I would suggest and looking at the competitive range that we researched with other director positions, I’d like to propose $80,000,” she said. “It’s going in a new direction in becoming a destination marketing destination. We are really going to really focus on digital marketing.”

Goeringer agreed that $80,000 was a good start. Stork said, “This candidate probably deserves the upper end of the scale I’d like to propose 83,000.”

Board member Marietta Henry, who participated in the meeting via conference, agreed. Stork then brought up the costs of moving, noting that Horvath has a family and he suggested offering a one- time relocation expense.

After further discussion it was agreed upon to offer Horvath a $12,500 one time relocation expense with a two-year initial contract commitment, and a yearly salary of $83,00 per exclusive PERS and insurance.

A motion was made to approve this offer and approved unanimously.