KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
Republican candidates for statewide elections visited Racks Bar and Grill in Ely recenlty in an effort to get out the vote.

The Ely Times

A stop in Ely earlier this week by three Republican candidates at Racks Bar and Grill was a part of a major event called Get-Out the Vote. Republican Candidates Adam Laxalt, Michael Roberson and Wesley Duncan are on a statewide tour with 28 stops around the state of Nevada to encourage voters to go to the polls and vote.

Roberson, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, spoke to large crowd of locals who were interested in hearing what the candidates had to say.

“I don’t want Nevada to look like Vermont or California….if not for a Republican governor vetoing 41 of these bills we’d look very different today than we do,” he said. “We’d look much like Vermont and California.”

Roberson went on to talk about what the future of Nevada would look like if the Democrats brought back all of the bills that Sandoval had previously vetoed.

“Democrat candidates for Governor will sign a sanctuary state bill,” he said. “Democrat candidates for governor have both said they want to fund taxpayer fund abortions for the first time in this state, they are campaigning on this and finally, both Democrat candidates for governor are campaigning on the fact that they are going to restrict your rights as law abiding citizens.”

Campaigning for Laxalt appeared to be Roberson’s majority of his speech, noting that Laxalt was the one man in Nevada who could stop what he called a terrible agenda.  Roberson went on complimenting the White Pine area as being the most beautiful part of the state, and how rural Nevada voters carried Laxalt in his previous race and could again.  “Stakes are really high, we can do this, we can win but we need your support.”

Wes Duncan, candidate for attorney general was the next to speak. Duncan’s speech appeared to focus on the future of youth in Nevada. He noted how his son’s recent kindergarten graduation gave him this moment where he found himself looking out on the stage at the children standing with their hands over their hearts, listening to the star spangled banner, looking around at the proud parents, thinking, this is our future.

Duncan went on to talk about high school graduates. “What is the state going to look like in 12 or 13 years? I’m running for Attorney General because I want to make the State of Nevada the safest place to raise a family.”

Duncan noted that he was proud to receive White Pine District Attorney Mike Wheable’s support in this race.  “We are going to be talking about this whole election cycle a contrast of visions, whether it’s public safety, whether it’s who is going to lead the state, whether were going to look like states to our west or whether we are going to continue to be the Nevada that we have always been.” Duncan said.

There was a lot of discussion of the contrasting visions all the way up and down the ticket.

Duncan said, “I have an opponent that has never tried a case, believes our state should be a sanctuary state,  believes felons should have all sorts of rights that law abiding citizens don’t have and believes that we should be eroding constitutional rights like our second amendment and that’s something that we can’t stand for as a state.”

The message was spoke repeatedly that each and every votes counts during this election season. Duncan spoke to the crowd telling everyone to discard any feelings of thinking their vote didn’t matter.

“When I was deployed to Iraq I got to see up close and personal a country where people felt like they had no stake in their future, it didn’t matter what they did, they would not be able to say what their country looked like, but that’s not the case in the state of Nevada,” he said. “Everybody in this room, everybody across rural nevada in the state of Nevada, have a choice to decide about what the next chapter looks like in Nevada.  This get out to vote is a call to action.”

Laxalt was last up to speak before the crowd. “This place is literally filled all the way to the other side of the door, and I think it’s because you all know what is it at stake for our great state. We are going to have a major choice to make later this fall on which direction we are going to go. Are we going to go in the direction of California? Higher taxes? Higher regulations? Are we going to give away more of our land here in rural Nevada?

“Are we going to let the federal government control our agriculture, our ranching, mining, are all those things going to let our elected officials support and let all that continue or are we going to fight for Nevada and go a different direction?”

Laxalt spoke about how motivated and passionate he was about becoming the next governor, and he also reminded all of the residents of his race in 2014, where he was the underdog, and how the rural voters carried him on to win his race for attorney general.

Laxalt spoke of his accomplishments as attorney general, from keeping the sage grouse off the endangered species list, a battle with the water of the Unites States case that would have allowed the federal government to control storm ditches to dry lake beds to the undertaking of the backlog of 8,000 sexual assault kits finally tested.

Laxalt spoke about a commercial he was getting ready to launch as a part of his campaign venture called the Nevada Dream.

“We have a great opportunity here in Nevada to be able to raise families, and have good lives,” he said. “But that is under assault if we allow the far left to take over our state, if they continue to push the far left agenda it will change what we’ve all known of Nevada, a free state where we protect our constitutional rights, where hard work and initiative is rewarded.”

Laxalt went on to speak to the crowd about his fight for the entire state, noting this race is going to be one of the toughest governor races in Nevada history.

“We are expecting tens of millions of dollars flooding in from outside from people like George Soros, who has already pledged millions of dollars to do what? To take our state? They want to turn us into California,” he said. “They want to make us a permanent blue state, they want to make sure, they can take out our president, this is what is staked in this election.”

While Racks Bar and Grill staff grilled up a traditional chorizo lunch free to all of the attendees, Laxalt finished his speech encouraging everyone to get out and vote.

“You are all important in this room, I hope all of you are registered, and voting, if your not, this is my first ask, I need you to register,” he said. “I need you to be prepared to vote in November. Let me tell you that White Pine does not have a 100 percent registration, there are a lot of people in this community who do not vote, so in the next few months talk to your friends, relatives, church community, business partners, use the opportunity to tell them how much this race matters for the future in the state.”