By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Several times a week I get asked by individuals about the New Court House and Jail expansion project. The individuals want to know if the project is still moving forward and how it’s all going to work. I will try my best to bring everyone up to date.

The White Pine County Commission voted several months ago to seek out bids for qualified architects. A committee was formed to review the submitted applications and then meet with the selected companies. The committee selected one company that we felt could best handle the project at which time they entered into contract negotiations with the county. Once that was completed it was presented to the County Commissioners to review and to select the company the committee had selected.

The company was hired which is Lombard-Conrad Architects Nevada, Ltd. The committee has been meeting with them at least every other week at which time we go over plans for the new Court House and Jail expansion. The committee along with the architect have been working diligently to make sure this project is cost effective, but also meets the needs of the county.

The Court House and Jail expansion will be built next to the existing Public Safety Building. The committee will continue to meet with the architect and soon will be conducting interviews with contractors to choose a qualified builder. Once that has taken place the contractor will be identified and presented to the County Commission for their approval.

This is an exciting process which will benefit our community for many years to come.