The Ely Times

The Ely City Council will meet on Thursday to discuss options on ways to reorganize administration.

With the recent departure of Janette Trask as City Treasurer, the city first attempted to recruit a new treasurer to replace Trask, but efforts were unsuccessful.

A letter dated June 8 was sent from City Administrator Robert Switzer to Mayor Melody VanCamp and the city council explaining how he had placed recruitment ads in various newspapers and job recruitment websites. The recruitment efforts resulted in three candidates that did not even meet the minimum requirements.

Switzer mentioned the desire for re-organization. Councilman Sam Hanson took information from the letter and placed an item on the agenda to discuss the reorganization.

The letter suggested reclassification of specific city staff as a course of action and how these elements would impact the city’s structure and budget.

It was suggested to reclassify Switzer’s city administrator position to city clerk/treasurer, noting that Switzer’s wages and benefits would not change.

Hanson and Burdick would be retained in their current capacity.

The position of public works manager would be created and funded from the FY2019 budgeted facility worker position at the landfill and utilize the remaining enterprise funds for additional monies if needed. The position would have direct supervisory oversight of the parks/cemetery/recycling, streets, water and sewer distribution, waste, water treatment and landfill functions and report to the clerk/treasurer.

Current department leads would retain pay and job functions.

And last but not least, it was recommended to recruit for an account/utility clerk for payroll, accounts payable and other accounting duties.

Based on Switzers’ figures, the city would save $20,000 a year by having reduced wages having an account/utility clerk versus a treasurer. An additional $35,000 a year in salary cost above a facility worker to have a public works manager would have to be factored in.

The two agenda items preceding this one are to recruit for a Public Works Manager and account/utility clerk and approve a pay scale for these positions.  This will be discussed and voted on at this Thursday’s City Council meeting.