The Elly Times

The primary election held Tuesday resulted in some big changes, and for some no change at all.

The election for some seats were a little different this year in that several candidates from the same party affiliation ran for an elected seat without the other party affiliation running for a seat.

This gave a final result for those seats being determined in the Primary election. State Assembly, District 33 had two Republicans, John Ellison and Chris Johnson. Ellison won that seat by 65.68 percent of the votes.

Meg Rhoades and Nichole Baldwin, both Republicans ran for County Clerk, and Baldwin won by 52.87 percent of the vote.

Travis Godon won County Commission Seat 5 against Johnathan Dishong by 63.9 percent of the votes.

Ian Bullis and Carol McKenzie, both Republicans as well both ran for County Commission, Seat 1 and Bullis won by 49.90 percent of the votes.

Bullis will move on to run against George Chachas, a Democrat in the race for this seat.

Incumbent Judge Stephen Bishop took a lead in votes against the other two candidates Matthew Hibbs and David Costello. Bishop won by 45.07 percent of the votes with Hibbs coming in with 28.09 percent and Costello at 24.80 percent Hibbs and Bishop will be moving on to the general election in November.

The rest of the election results were the result from candidates who ran unopposed.

Julie Gianoli won the seat for White Pine Hospital District Trustee, Seat 1.  And Burton Hilton was re-elected in Seat 2 for the White Pine Hospital District Trustee.

Richard Rowley took in 82.79 percent of the votes running unopposed for White Pine Hospital District, Seat 4.

Soil Conservation Seat DD will be filled by Gracyne Backus and Seat EE for Soil Conservation will be filled by Juan Carlos Cervantes. Both candidates ran unopposed.

The White Pine TV District No 1., Seat D will be filled by Devin Ulibarri and Nathan Robertson will fill Seat E.  Both of these candidates ran unopposed as well.

It was reported that voter turnout was great for a primary election, with 1,766 ballots cast.