Photo by KayLynn Roberts-McMurry
Ray Keller and his dog Wolfie.

Ray Keller, the owner of Wolfie’s Wood have been selling bundles of wood and doesn’t plan on leaving Ely anytime soon.  His dog Wolfie was the inspiration for the name.

Ray is not native to Ely, but he said about a year ago he was traveling to Washington to visit his daughter and passed through Ely, he stayed one night, spent the summer in Washington, and on the way back through Ely, he stayed and never left.

Keller noticed the need for bundles of wood in the community, but also realized that not everyone could afford the two hundred plus dollars that it costs for a cord of wood cut, delivered and stacked.

So, Keller decided to help people stay warm, and his policy was that no person in Ely, or any neighboring town would be without wood, especially during the winter.

“I thought this business would be mentally healthy for me.  Not to long ago, I had open heart surgery, and some skin cancer scares and so I decided I needed to give back to the community and this is my way.”  Keller says that the business came to fruition fairly quickly and the people in White Pine really supported him in this venture.

Keller delivers wood to McGill, Ruth, even as far as Duckwater and Cherry Creek, and he delivers and stacks it at no cost.  Night deliveries have even been in his realm of the business.

Many of Keller’s clientele is senior citizens, due to the lack of resources. Has Keller made a huge profit? Probably not, but regardless that’s not Keller’s intentions. “I haven’t been overly concerned with that, but more to help those who need help.”