Judge Stephen Bishop gives a presentation at the Nevada Limited Jurisdiction summer seminar
Courtesy photo

The Ely Times

The Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Judges held its 2018 Summer Seminar in Ely for the first time, at the Bristlecone Convention Center. A three-day seminar that Judge Stephen Bishop has been discussing with the association to hold here in Ely since he was elected to the executive board and started serving on the education committee in 2016.

The association has been together since 1979 and has always held a seminar in the summer in the north, and one in the winter in the south.

“The location rotates around the state based in part on the Supreme Court and the choice of the judges, the executive board and the education committee. Approximately 40 judges from each of the 17 counties traveled from around the state to attend,” Bishop said.

The seminar focused on highlighting local resources with Nevada Department of Wildlife Warden Scott Giles giving a presentation on issues specific to wildlife and fishing laws, and regulations, in addition to civil penalties for unlawfully taking or possessing certain animals or trophies.

Ely State Prison’s Warden Timothy Filson coordinated a tour of the prison, and local attorney Kelly Brown also taught a session on Judicial Code of Conduct specific to when an attorney appears unfit to be in court.

In addition to Bishop being the host judge for the event, he also gave a class on Exclusionary Rule. Giving a brief examination of the history, purpose, and proper standards to rule on motions to suppress evidence.

Part of the seminar was left open for the judges to explore local activities such as Cave Lake, Lehman Caves and a banquet being held on Thursday via the Nevada Northern Railway train.