By Cozette Eldridge

Field Representative   

Have you noticed there are people who have horrible things happen to them, but seem to look on the bright side and maintain a good attitude? On the other side, there are those individuals who appear to live charmed lives and complain constantly. But, as someone who has struggled with depression at times, I know that being happy doesn’t always come easily.

I’ve learned to practice looking at the positive (which doesn’t mean seeing the world through rose colored glasses), living in the now, and surrounding myself with caring and compassionate people.                                                                                 As we began our adult life, most of us had an image of a perfect job, perfect marriage, and beautiful, well behaved children, a perfect life. Reality steps in, and at times happiness is hard to hold on to.

I believe it happens again when our plans for retirement aren’t quite what we expected them to be. I’ve formed some thoughts I’d like to share with you about retirement. Living in the now, and enjoying a simple lifestyle, I’ve found daily happiness and contentment.                                                                                        Many people think that retirement is one party after another with every dream becoming fulfilled. This hectic schedule is neither sustainable nor recommended. Retirement is a lifestyle not a constant vacation. We may no longer have to deal with an overbearing boss or a bothersome co-worker, life still goes on. Stress doesn’t stop, it just changes form. There will always be family issues, bills to pay, car and home maintenance and the very important task of keeping ourselves healthy and engaged with life. But the trash still needs to be taken out.

Life has a way of becoming complicated, so keep things simple. Retirement is a work in progress, and you are in charge.

While you may have done your homework on the retirement front, there’s still the chance that your dream lifestyle might need some tweaking. If this is the case, you are in control of your life and can decide what to change if something might fit better. Life is not static. Leave room for some serendipity.                                           Don’t take life to seriously, have fun with it! No matter where you are on the continuum of life and your focus and planning are on the future, you may not be leaving enough time to enjoy the present. Today is the day to smile. Find time to laugh heartily. Try something new. Refresh yourself. Have no regrets. Because this is the first day of the rest of your life.



MONDAY: Clam Chowder, Chicken Pasta Salad, Lettuce/Tomato, Roll, Fruit

TUESDAY: Fish Sandwich/Bun, Lettuce/Tomato, Coleslaw, Potato Wedges, Fruit

WEDNESDAY: Beef Stroganoff/Noodles, Baked Squash, Orange Spinach Salad, Fresh Fruit

THURSDAY: Roast Turkey, Stuffing/Gravy, Broccoli/Cauliflower, Fruit

FRIDAY: Lasagna, Green Salad/Peas, Garlic Bread, Banana, Birthday Cake