A fundraiser will be held for Emery Balch on Thursday, July 5th, at the BMX Bike Track at 6pm.

Emery, since the age of 4 has been suffering various pains, night terrors and different symptoms that resulted in Emery and her parents traveling seven different states and many specialist until four years later she has been property diagnosed.

Emery was diagnosed on May 11, 2018 with polyarticular psoriatic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  Emery’s mother Lacey explained that Emery has to take two shots a week and the medication is very costly.  And even though their deductible has been met, that doesn’t mean prescriptions are covered. These pharmaceuticals can only be ordered through the pharmaceutical company and at a cost of approximately $2,500 a month.  They are several weeks into this, hoping that this medication is going to help Emery but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, a young girl who can participate in dance events like she used to, and BMX racing was her passion, she still holds a smile, and supports her brother Rowdy and everyone else at the BMX track.  “That track is everything about her, and she is all about that track”, Emery’s mother Lacey said.

This fundraiser will help the family tremendously.  Registration for riders is $10.00 a person, Ely Sno will be on sight for a frozen treat, and all proceeds they earn that night will be donated to the Balch Family.  Raffle prizes will also be available.  “The community support has already been completely overwhelming, and we are so grateful for everything that people have done already for our family”, Balch said.