Submitted by Minnis Alderman

The first White Pine LDS Church was established in 1915. The Tabernacle was completed in 1927. In need of larger facilities, the LDS Church finished the new Stake Center in East Ely in 1957. The Tabernacle still housed the Ely First Ward until 1978 and the Youth Seminary until 1980. The building was then put up “FOR SALE”.

An out-of-town contractor bought the Tabernacle in 1980 for his construction offices during the MX Missle speculation. When President Reagan announced that the MX Missile Project would be halted in White Pine County, the contractor gave his equity to the Reno/Las Vegas Catholic Diocese.

So then the LDS Tabernacle became unneeded and unsought-for Catholic property. THEN WHAT – see the Ely Times for the next episode.