The City of Ely Volunteer Fire Department hosted the 83rd Nevada State Firefighters Association training conference last week.
Teresa Stewart photo

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Volunteer firemem: Steve Doty carrying hose, Jacob Star, Adam Ruesch, Burton Hilton, Ben Tallerico and Chris Garcia

Photo by Teresa Stewart
Firemen practicing putting out an engine fire.

Special to The Ely Times

The City of Ely Volunteer Fire Department hosted the 83rd Annual Nevada State Firefighters Association (NSFA) training conference last week.

The events kicked off on Tuesday with registration, Wednesday was a golf tournament and trap shoot. Thursday they began with a manipulative skills drill, opening ceremonies, train ride, wild land, EMS, leadership, fire/rescue and radiological MERRTT training, followed by dinner, blush & brushes paint event and a corn hole tournament.

Friday they had more manipulative skills training at the old fire house, then moved to the White Pine Memorial Park for more real life training with a propane tank, car and a mobile burn trailer that the State Fire Marshal trainer brought from West Wendover.

Ross Rivera welcomed guests saying “I am privileged once again to welcome Nevada State Firefighters… the camaraderie of the firefighters participating in the training, events and in the challenges will make this conference a success, leading the way for tomorrow, bringing the stories from the past and the new stories yet to unfold.”

The Ely Volunteer Fire Department members worked nonstop to bring this event together and to host it in Ely.

It had been 12 years since the last conference was held in Ely. Brett North, President of the Ely Volunteer Fire Department, said, “This year’s theme “got your back” is indicative of how Nevada’s Fire Service strives to assist each other during emergency response.”

Several conference instructors gave a variety of presentations, including local volunteer firefighter Burton Hilton.  Hilton provided a presentation on Patient packaging, tricks of the trade.

Cars were provided to practice their skills of utilizing the jaws of life to extract a victim and remove a car hood in the event of an engine fire.

After training all day Friday, the firefighters enjoyed a horseshoe tournament. Saturday they had a memorial parade from the old fire hall to the Bristlecone Convention Center, which was preceded by festivities at the Broadbent Park that included water fights, monkey drills and ended with a Banquet and Auction Saturday night at the Brfistlecone Convention Center.

The burn trailer was funded by a FEMA grant.

Just over 150 participants attended the four day conference.  Nine different counties from across Nevada attended, including the City of Ely Fire department and KGHM Robinson Mining’s rescue team, being the only local fire entities to participate.