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Music on a lake as the sun is setitng? The smell of a barbecue, or a campfire burning on a July Summer night? What could sound better? Honestly, we can’t think of anything.

Jason Bath, native of White Pine County,  said “I have always been a fan of the violin and I really had it my mind after visiting Cave Lake one cold morning in April, that I wanted to hear one in the exact spot that I stood.

“Music has and will always be a way to bring people together and many people will travel great distances to hear something or someone that they have never heard before.”

If you have ever visited Cave Lake State Park, you have been witness to its beauty and its natural calming effect. People have used this area to enjoy fishing, camping, family barbecues, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and boating.

The area has seen many events in the past that have gained in popularity and even become nationally recognized as a place to come and bring the family for a  weekend vacation.

One thing that people have always noticed about this oasis, surrounded by mountains, is the way it naturally amplifies sounds. Buddies talking while they are fishing, dogs barking while play in the water and kids letting out a yell as the cold touches their skin for the first time when dipping their toes in the mountain water: these are all things that we hear with little effort around the lake.

The same natural formations that allow us to hear how many fish have been caught across the lake by our fellow angles are what make this area a natural amphitheater.

Bath noted that he remembered a violinist that him and his wife Karri ran into on a Las Vegas strip in 2015 and he began researching different street performers on YouTube and Facebook to find this particular violinist.

After a few hours of research, he found him..his name? Brandon Summers.

Summers has a unique way of blending his electric violin with contemporary, pop and hip-hop music to make an upbeat show that everyone enjoys. His gain in popularity has given him the opportunity to now entertain crowds for the Aria in Las Vegas every weekend.

Bath was confident that this was the person that he had listened to years earlier and  was on a mission to get him here. The question was, would he come and how much was it going to cost?

Bath spent several weeks corresponding with Summers on Facebook, until Bath was able to confirm a date with him and a price.

“I have been lucky to marry a wonderful woman that is patient with me and my many hobbies including amateur photography. I had a lot of people over the years ask about buying prints from me and I thought that this would be a great way to raise the money needed to get him here.”

So, Bath and his wife put together a very simple gallery show that showcased his prints on canvas. Bath said “thanks to a huge support by my friends and family, we were able to raise the funds needed to get Brandon here so that everyone could enjoy him at no cost.”

To Bath, whose family has deep roots here in White Pine notes that this community is more than a place to live for him and his family. “White Pine County is our home and we have been very blessed over the years by people in this community that helped out when we needed them. Bringing an idea or dream to life and sharing it with the community and our holiday visitors is our way of saying thank you to the community.”

The event will be held on Thursday, July 5, at Cave Lake State Park beginning at 7:30 p.m. The concert will be held in the cove area by the main bathrooms, so be sure to get there early as it is first come first serve, although Bath reports that any area of the lake will be a great place to listen to the music.

The only cost involved is the $5.00 per vehicle to enter the state park.  No vendors will be at the event, so plan ahead and bring your own food and beverages, and be sure to get their early.

“Hopefully this will be the start to something more that we can enjoy in the future,”Bath said.

For additional information visit Brandon Summers Facebook Page or to listen to his music