Dear Editor:

An exciting first-time event happened in our community this month, an Air Show and Races featuring “Formula One” competition.  A big public THANK YOU is in order to the committee who worked so hard to pull it off: Lance Gale, Brandi Barney-Rodriguez, Chris Christensen, Dan Brown, Christina Sawyer, EK McDaniel, John Fitzgerald, Lloyd Phillips Meg Rhoades, Randy Ewell, and Wayne Cameron.

There were many others who helped.  It took a ton of volunteer hours before, during and after the races.  So much had to be considered and planned for.  Technical support and donations were provided by a number of different individuals, organizations, and companies.  Concession stands, vendors, displays, the radio station and a local company printing Air Race Shirts on-site were all part of the fun.  It took enthusiasm and people working together – a good definition perhaps of “community”.

The races? Very small planes flew an oval course about 100 feet off the ground at speeds over 200 mph! The pilots reportedly loved our areas, and how well things went.  I had a great time too, and hope this amazing activity is able to be repeated here next June.


Jean Philips

To the Editor:

Something needs to be done about the speeders at the lower portion of Campton Street.  I have personally witnessed cars and trucks – including city and county vehicles – travelling in excess of 45 miles per hour on the stretch between the courthouse and Sew Crazy.

Not only are there animals at risk in this area – dogs, cats, and deer – but the Schoofs’ grandchildren live there as well.  The White Pine County Sheriff’s Department has an obligation to protect the citizens of this community.  This includes putting a stop to the out of control speeding that is taking place on a daily basis on Campton Street, during both the daylight and night time hours.

I have urged the members of the City Council to put pressure on the Sheriff’s Department in this regard.  Animals have already died on Campton Street in this stretch of roadway.  It would add to this tragedy if a child were also killed, just because City and County employees and the general public are in too much of a hurry to obey the speed limit.

Leslie Sears