Scott Laity photo
On Saturday, someone dumped a television and computer on the property of the White Pine County Shooting Complex.

The Ely Times

Next time someone considers dumping trash at the White Pine County Shooting Complex, they may want to think twice. Illegal umping is a misdemeanor offense and offenders could face up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

Last Saturday’s incident of someone dumping bulky trash items at the complex caused a great amount of frustration to Scott Laity and his family and it also caused them to take action.

Cameras have been installed in the event an incident like this happens again the offender will be caught and prosecuted.

Laity noted that him and his family had left the complex to pick up some materials and in the hour they were gone it appears as though someone had showed up with a older television and computer to utilize for target practice. The items were left just 50 yards from a pistol bay, and just feet from a trash can.

The shooting complex has been getting a very extensive face-lift with the focus on safety and a drastic change of appearance. Laity noted that tens of thousands of dollars in grant money has been obtained through a grant with Nevada Department of Wildlife, in addition to several thousand volunteer hours and support from community businesses.

“We have all worked too hard, to see something like this happen”, Laity said.

Maybe 20, 30 years ago, this used to be the normal practice, hauling out old items, aluminum cans, glass bottles etc, but Laity wants to encourage people that this is not the way to practice.

Paper targets are approximately 50 cents a target, and all you need is a stapler to put the target up and you’re set and ready to begin target practice.

It was mentioned that it has been a very long time since anyone has dumped any trash in that area since they began working on upgrading the complex, “if you’re any type of sportsmen, you know better than to do something like this”.

White Pine County District Attorney Mike Wheable gave the following statement, “Our office will make sure that those who choose to defile our community with their trash, will be held accountable under the law. They will be caught and prosecuted. We have zero-tolerance for this crime.”