The 4th of July in 1948 and 2018

By Keith Gibson

Last weekend I was sitting on the bench in front of Bradley’s/Trini’s Market in McGill lazily watching the enormous amount of traffic going through the town.  It struck me that it was similar in many respects to the traffic in 1948.  The commercial trucks then and now were loaded with new equipment of all types, such as drilling rigs, trac-loaders, road construction, lumber and other building supplies.  American’s then and now were feeling a resurgence of pride and a willingness to accomplish great things.  In 48 everyone, even us kids felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of us. The “Greatest Generation” was back home from removing the greatest burden ever placed on the US since 1776.  I remember the optimism in the future we all felt then and I feel it again now, watching those glorious hardworking folks called Americans going thru our town.

The other traffic, the so called “civilian” traffic was similar yet different.  The vehicles are sleek and of many various colors compared to 48.  It struck me that now the cars all had their windows rolled up and the A/C on.  In 48 the windows were open and the driver’s sun tanned left arm showing.  Some of the cars had a contraption on the passenger’s window that was a large metal tube deal that helped move cool air into the car.  Now days there are no canvas water bags hanging on the front bumper,(yes, cars had those  things) and the widows are void of travel stickers telling all the world where the occupants had visited.

Back then a lot of cars had roof top racks with camping gear and some were pulling a small tear drop shaped travel trailer, and now the travelers have fancy pickups and are pulling a large comfortable home away from home.

The traffic may be different now, but it shows us just how much progress has been attained in a free country. The USA is free because we have the greatest military in  the world and have had since those first American Patriots took on the world’s most powerful military at the time and kicked them  out of our country.   So, let us all enjoy the best holiday of all, our glorious 4th of July and always remember whenever you see the Stars and Stripes flag, to thank those two wonderful things that make it possible, our 2nd Amendment and our US Military.