By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Last week’s Sheriff’s Corner I wrote about the consequences and dangers of leaving children inside vehicles unattended. I was encouraged by several individuals this week to issue the same warning about leaving pets inside a vehicle unattended.

Although there is no hard data that is tracked to actually determine how many animals died due to heat stroke causes from being left inside a vehicle, it is only estimated that it’s around 1000 dogs each year die from this cause. When a dog is hot they begin to pant and drool. If they are suffering from heat stroke you could see them vomit or become weak, collapse or even go into a seizure .

Leaving the window down on your vehicle doesn’t allow the dog to have sufficient air movement for them to cool down. Nevada revised Statutes 574.195 makes it unlawful for a person to leave a cat or dog in an unattended motor vehicle during periods of extreme heat or cold. There are exemptions to the law which are for law enforcement, dog catchers, dogs used for hunting and several others.

You also need to take care of your dogs while they are outside. Make sure they have plenty of water, shade and are properly groomed to reduce heat.

Remember as a dog owner it is our responsibly to provide the care they need. The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone who sees this type of neglect to call and report it so a tragedy can be prevented.