For the past 23 years, I have operated the McGill Historical Drug Store Museum and enjoyed every minute of it, as of this date, I am officially retiring from that position.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me learn about the Museum’s history. With the knowledge you, the community provided me, I was able to listen, learn your stories, and then share your stories and history with others who came to visit. I very much enjoyed meeting and making friends with people from Ely, Baker and McGill. Not to mention all of the people who came to the museum from all over the world, Asia, Europe, Canada and almost every State in the United States. I also want to thank all those who graciously donated personal items to the museum; your donations helped the museum come alive.

I would like to especially thank Danny Colbert and the Colbert Family, Sean Pitts, Mark Bassett, Robert Pratt, Keith Gibson, Ed Spears, and Denys Coyle, and many more for all their help and direction. Thank you for always having my back, I am very appreciative of that, without all of you it would have been much harder to do my job and not as enjoyable. As well, many others that helped along the way in many, many different ways, thank you. I also want to say thanks to my wife, kids and family, for helping out whenever they could.

I have put my heart and soul into the museum, I learned, researched the history, went to Reno to learn about the museum history in Nevada. I spent many, many hours in the museum, holidays decorating, soda jerking and spending countless hours visiting with so many great people. I had the opportunity to participate in the filming a part of a movie, I filmed a PBS special ( ) and had many other great opportunities to show off the Drug Store.

I wish the McGill Drug Store Museum the best of luck in the future and thank the store for all the laughter, learning, visitors, and the many, many memories. I am very proud of the work I did there, it was one of the greatest positions I ever held, I will miss it dearly.

Daniel L. Braddock

“Dan The McGill Guy”