A number of White Pine County School District teachers went back to school on their own during summer break to continue their own education.
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ByAdam Young

Special to The Ely Times

So many folks think that great teaching just happens naturally. And it’s true there are some teachers who have a seemingly effortless and innate ability to make the right “teacher moves” at all of the right times.

But for most great educators, there is a huge amount of work that goes into becoming really outstanding at their craft. The really great teachers show up way before they’re supposed to and leave way after they’re allowed to. And this includes the summertime.

A number of WPCSD educators did not finish their work on June 5 a few weeks ago. A cohort of 19 current and future leaders spent an additional week and a half engaged in professional learning based upon research, case studies of best practices, and application of learning into their own school situations.

This resulted in the 19 educators completing a year-long endeavor with the National Institute for School Leadership and earning the equivalent of 12 master’s degree credits in educational leadership as well as certificates of completion of the Executive Development Program.

This is a huge deal! And we would all like to thank Walter Rodriguez and Cindy Fielder for the mentoring and guidance during the experience.

Additionally, another cohort of teachers wrapped up their year-long study of STEM and literacy practices.

The work done in this cohort is also driven by the district performance plan of stretching students in their literacy development and providing more substantive opportunities for college and career readiness.

These educators truly exemplify lifelong learning. What a privilege to be surrounded by people who truly care about learning and students’ progress. This community is blessed to have these people teaching its students.