Turf Pests ,   Billbugs and Lawn Moths

There is a lot of insect damage to our lawns this time of year.  It may look like your under watering or have dry spots that you know are getting watered.

The picture here shows some significant billbug damage done to a lawn here in Ely. The signs of Turf Insects  can look very similar to other lawn care issues like fertilizing or watering issues. One of the main signs of a Billbug infestation is large patches of dry grass you can pull up in a large clumps. A sign that your lawn may be infested by Billbugs is that in addition to these patches you will see that the stems of grass are hallowed out. Sometimes the damage appears as irregular mottling or browning in the turf. To confirm the damage, grasp suspected turf and pull upward. If the stems break easily at ground level and the stems are hollowed out or are full of packed sawdust-like material, Billbugs are the problem.

The sign of lawn moth, (Sos Webworm) damage is a overall brown dry appearance and you may see the moths flying about. It will seem like no matter how much you water the grass, it will just not recover.

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