Special to The Ely Times 

Late last year, Randy Ewell, CEO/General Manager of Mt. Wheeler Power, met with Choice to discuss and look for a way to improve internet services to White Pine County.

During that discussion, Ewell said, “We only served Ely and portions of Steptoe Valley, and we looked at how rural broadband could be expanded in our service territory, what would better the community, and this was a perfect match.”

In June, Choice delivered on its commitment and launched Choice Splash services in Ely and McGill, with services coming soon to Ruth. Choice has started its contact efforts to install services across White Pine County, and you may receive a recorded call, message or email to assist in transitioning your internet services.

It is important to note that Choice Splash will not ask for a credit card over the phone, or until services have been successfully installed at your home or business.

There have been several local reports of callers posing as Choice Splash representatives, asking for credit card information. These are not Choice Splash representatives so please do not provide them with any credit card information.

You may wonder why would you want to choose Choice Splash? Local Support – Choice Splash will remain committed to retaining a local presence in Ely.

Brandis IT Solutions (BITS) a local company located on Aultman Street will be providing  expertise to facilitate the activation of new services, transition existing (Mt. Wheeler) services, and assist with the expansion of future service areas.

For additional information can be found at www.choice-wireless.com/splash or call 775-636-7961.