A retirement party was held for her last Friday at the Ely Volunteer Fire Hall.  Kathy Ricci retired from White Pine County after 30 years of service. Chairman of the County Commission, Richard Howe presented Ricci with a plaque.  Howe spoke about Kathy touched so many lives during her tenure with the county. “You wonder why there’s such a good turnout because she’s a good person. We’re sad because she’s living, but we wish her the absolute best.”

Howe and the commissioners from past and present got together to give Ricci a plaque.  Howe presented her with the plaque that read, “In recognition for 30 years of distinguished service, end of service July 13, 2018. ”

Ricci didn’t have much to say, she was overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up, I’ve been here for 30 years, it’s been great working for White Pine County, and White Pine County has done a lot for me, thank you so much.