By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

This Sheriff Corner I would like to address a problem that seems to be growing in the City of Ely and in areas of the county.

The Sheriff’s Office has been receiving numerous complaints about speeding vehicles that are endangering people and property. It doesn’t seem to be in one specific area, but rather sporadic where this is occurring.

I’m not sure why these speeders are in such a great hurry, but if a Deputy catches you I’m sure it’s going to affect your pocket book in fines, demerits on your driver’s license and your insurance fees on your vehicle could possibly go up.

Just last week I had a Deputy assigned to do traffic enforcement. He reported that in his shift he wrote twenty citations, just for speeding.

As a reminder in the City of Ely the speed zone is 20 miles per hour unless posted. There are areas in the City according to ordinance and posted speed signs that the speed limits are 15 mph 25 mph and 35 mph.

If you have any questions when traveling in the city what the speed limit is, just go 20 mph to be safe. In the county it to is regulated by ordinance. County ordinance states that all county roads that are in a congested area (meaning residential) are 25 mph. County roads too can vary on speed limits, but must be posted so that the operator of the vehicle knows what the speed limit is. Remember speed zones change as you are traveling on the roadway. The operator of the vehicle must make themselves aware of the appropriate speed zones wherever they are traveling.

Vehicle transportation is a great thing, but the idea is to get to your destination safely and to also be aware that pedestrians, and individuals living in our neighborhoods want to be safe and protested. So if your one of those that has been causing the speeding complaints, slow down and be respectful to all those that live in our great communities.