Special to The Ely Times

Nevada Highway Patrol seized 279 pounds of narcotics during a routine traffic stop last Friday.

NHP reported a Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper was patrolling US 93 in White Pine at 9:04 p.m. when the trooper conducted a traffic stop of a semi for speeding.

During the stop, the NHP trooper identified signs of criminal activity.  The trooper obtained a search warrant through the Ely Justice Court. During the  search, NHP troopers located 135.36 pounds of cocaine and 144.27 pounds of methamphetamine in the sleeper of the semi.

Haseeb UR Rehma Mahk, 29, was arrested for speeding and trafficking of a schedule I controlled substance.

Abdul Majid, 28, was arrested for Trafficking of a Schedule I Controlled substance.

Nevada Highway Patrol had originally requested bail to be set at $1 million dollars for each suspect.  It was reported that both suspects are from Canada, which could enhance the risk of becoming a flight risk. Judge Stephen Bishop reduced the bail to $500,000. Chief Deputy District Attorney James Beecher with the White Pine County District Attorney’s office filed a motion Wednesday morning to increase the bail amount. Judge Pro Temp Steve Marquez granted the motion increasing the bail on both Mahk and Majid to $1.5 million dollars each.