To the Editor:

In the July 27, 2018 issue, The Ely Times published a front-page article about the debate among Ely City Council members and staff regarding hiring an outside accounting firm to process payroll and accounts payable for the City until a Treasurer could be hired. During public comment, ex-City of Ely employee Rick Stork made disparaging and inaccurate comments about me personally which I need to correct.

Mr. Stork seems to think that I was hired as a City Treasurer which is not true at all. He would have known that had he bothered to read the motion as passed by the Council at the August 2014 meeting to hire me as “City Clerk.” The City Clerk has functions distinct from that of the Treasurer position. Some of the Treasurer’s duties include daily accounting and preparing the budget. The City at that time had an additional office employee performing payroll and accounts payable functions. However, because the City had no Treasurer, I began working on the City’s budget within four months of my hiring and completed that task by myself, which in final form was accepted by the Department of Taxation. I have completed three budget cycles for the City.

This is not the first time ex-City of Ely employee Rick Stork has made disparaging comments about me and the City of Ely. Mr. Stork has been maligning the City for some time with incomplete or inaccurate statements. He wants everyone to believe he is trying to help the City be better, but his bullying tactics and histrionics at Council meetings have no place for an individual who truly wants to make a positive impact on our community.

Robert Switzer