Photo by KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
Pictured: Bruce Eldridge, Leslie Martin, Richard Howe and Jala Brandis.

The Ely Times

Are you looking for a sport to keep your young ones busy this fall? Soccer has become a very popular sport here in White Pine, and registration has begun with the Steptoe Valley Soccer Club.

Registration in the past has brought more than 200 children to the sport, with a increase in participants each year.

The All Class Reunion wanted to help out  by giving a donation of $2,000 to the Soccer Club. Their monetary donation will go towards the purchase of new equipment that is needed for development of the players.

In the mid 90s, a volunteer group worked together to organize youth soccer programs and the Steptoe Valley Soccer Club was created.

Steptoe Valley Soccer Club is currently associated with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). AYSO provides the platform for the club to provide a safe environment for the players and other membership benefits.

Several months ago it was questionable what the future of the club looked like. Bruce Eldridge and several other parents stepped in to ensure that the club didn’t dissolve.

“Over the years, organizing members have come and gone as their children have entered and exited the program, after last year, many of the volunteers that had been working in the club decided it was their last year doing so. Their hard work keeping the program strong allowed the opportunity for new people to become involved and keep it going.” Eldridge said.

Adam Ruesch is coaching coordinator and Jala Brandi will serve as the referee and safety coordinator. Eldridge is the regional commissioner.

Steptoe Valley Soccer Club provides youth soccer development opportunities to children in White Pine County. Like all local youth sports programs, the goal is to provide youth activity and skill development to eventually field competitive players through the kids’ high school years, and potentially beyond.

Registration is currently open to children ages 5-14.  Opening ceremonies and the first games will be held Saturday, Sept. 8. The season will run through Oct. 20.

SVSC is still looking for volunteers at all levels to help with the program.  For additional information you can visit their facebook page Steptoe Valley Soccer Club.