District Court

July 23, 2018

STEVE MAXIMILIANO: Guilty of mid-level trafficking. Court orders $25 AA fee, $150 DNA fee, $60 chemical analysis fee; 32-84 months NDOC; 136 days credit for time served. Court will make the recommendation for a lower classification and Honor Camp Fire Crew. Defendant was remanded into custody

August 6, 2018

JENNILEE TABURA: Probation violation. Court revokes and reinstates defendant’s probation; defendant to enter and successfully comp lee the Last Chance Program; Last Chance to notify the Court if defendant terminates, walks away, or does not finish the program, immediately; upon discharge or completion of the program, that they provide the court signed waivers; apply for Drug Court; to get an assessment done by Amy Adams. Defendant to stay in jail, until a bed date is available. Defendant was remanded into custody.