Dan Bush Anecdotes

By Keith Gibson

The story about cutting lodge poles with Dan was commented by more people than all the others combined and the commentors wanted more, so here are a few I remember.  They may be a little off as my brain memory cells have been aging.

One time Dan and his brother Keith decided to play a major prank on their dad, Lester.   Now, at that time Lester worked in the KCC power house.  After work ended for the day, he would walk down the hill and  across the freight switch yards to his home on first street.

The two ruffians waited until Lester could see them in the back yard and then proceeded to have a rough and tumble fist fight.  When they figured he was close enough, Dan pointed a gun at Keith and fired a blank.  Keith staggered and in a great dramatic scene, grabbed his chest and smeared some catsup on it and fell to the ground.  Now Lester was usually one to take his time walking, but now he sprinted to the yard, started chasing Dan around the yard hollering at him.  Dan soon figured out that it wasn’t a joke anymore and every time they passed by Keith laying on the lawn, Dan would holler at him to get up.  Finally Lester caught Dan and started thrashing him.  Soon he caught the sound of Keith laughing in the background. He then turned his wrath on Keith, too.  Moral of this story is don’t play stupid stuff like this on your Dad.

One fine spring day I was walking home from grade school along first street, when I noticed the Bush family’s 1949 circa green Chevy pickup truck heading my way.  It was going rather slow, but wandering from side to side and so I jumped up on the lawn of the nearest yard.  As the truck went by I could see that the driver was none other than little Jerry Bush, who was probably about 4-5 years old.  He was standing on the seat and having a ball with the large steering wheel.

There were two men running behind the truck, hollering.  They finally caught up with it and managed to get in the passenger door and grab the key out of the ignition switch.  It turned out that Dan and possibly Keith had put the truck in low gear and pulled out the throttle (they had those back then,  along with a choke), installed Jerry at the wheel and off he went.  The two older boys I am sure, suffered dearly for that stunt.

Dan asked me to come over to his house and help him with a huge problem.  When I arrived he took me down to the basement and showed me a beautiful hand made dog sled.  Dan could build anything and everything.  I told him how nice it was and asked what the big problem was.

His face turned a little red as he explained that he couldn’t get it through the cellar door .  He had never thought of that.  We finally did get it out after many hours of struggling.  He had one dog and so he “borrowed”  two more dogs from somewhere to pull the sled.  The only trouble was that the dogs did not like the harness and especially didn’t like the other dogs.  It was a mad house before we got them separated.  I left and to this day don’t know if Dan ever made proper use of that sled.

There was never a dull moment with Dan Bush  in the neighborhood.  One had to be very careful when agreeing to do something with him.  We remained close friends all our lives.