Special to The Ely Times

Matt Moore, deputy director of the Governor’s Office on Economic Development, will be presenting the Main Street American program details to a joint meeting of the White Pine County Board of Commissioners and Ely City Council on Wednesday, Aug. 22, at 6 p.m. at the Bristlecone Convention Center.

The public is invited to attend this joint meet to learn about Main Street America.

Main Street America is a program of the National Main Street Center.  The national center believes that everyone deserves access to a vibrant neighborhood that has a thriving local economy, is rich in character, and features inviting public spaces that make residents and visitors feel that they belong.

In 2017, Nevada’s 79th Legislative Session unanimously passed AB 417 establishing Nevada as the Coordinating entity for Main Street America.  In this role, Nevada supports local communities in establishing their own Main Street organization.

Across the United States, small towns, mid-sized communities, and urban commercial districts form a grass roots network that makes up Main Street America.

The national center partners with the state to help towns or cities, at the local level, build a roadmap to revitalization.  Revitalization is centered on transformation strategies that articulate a focused path to strengthening a community.

Communities are transformed by building leaderships and organizational capacity, defining the community’s assets, creating an inviting atmosphere that celebrates the historic character, and building a diverse economic base.

It is a grass roots process that is created by the residents of each community.

Chairman of the White Pine County Commission Richard Howe said, “This meeting would be very beneficial for the public to come to. The people in McGill have been working on various projects,  and it would be important for all of the towns Lund, Baker, and Ruth to come as well and listen to what grants and resources are available.”

Howe also noted that at this special city and county joint commission meeting there is also has an agenda item for discussion and possible action to form and combined city and county planning commission.