By Teresa Stewart

Leota Johnson hosted another successful ICS at her ranch on Friday, Aug. 10th and Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. Micheal McMeel, the former drummer for the band Three Dog Night and now the face behind the Inner City Slicker (ICS) program was able to attend this year’s ICS in Sunnyside, Nevada. There were about 20 kids in attendance between the two days and a handful of volunteers ready to help out.

This program has been so successful nationwide, helping kids deal with all kinds of issues that they have to face on a daily basis.

For the Inner City Slickers, lessons in hard work and responsibility begin with chores …cleaning the horse stables, or stacking wood. Then they learn to conquer their fear by working together as a team to accomplish a task. They also learn to trust their team mates by falling off of a ladder and trusting they will be caught. “We purposely set up situations which make them afraid so they can’t act cool and aloof, and they forget about race and color” McMeel says. “Then we support them through their fear, which builds their self-confidence.”