To the Editor:

I attended the Utilities Board meeting on August 9 and was seriously disappointed by what I experienced. Hopefully, I will never attend another. The reason I went to the meeting goes back to May of 2017 when I purchased a property at the county tax auction. In June, unbeknownst to me, the City of Ely placed a lien on my property for unpaid landfill fees (a $13.00 monthly fee) in excess of $1000. AFTER I purchased the property. Needless to say, I was shocked at how a $13 fee could be allowed to accrue for years with nobody at the City questioning it. As it turns out, the previous owner moved away due to health problems and subsequently died. So the City was billing a very sick person who did not live here and continued billing him after he was dead for a service he obviously couldn’t be using (Services NOT rendered). So, the questions I have for the City is:

1) Why does the City wait months or years to collect or place a lien?

2) Why didn’t the City lien the property before original owner died or before it was auctioned off?

I asked the board to consider splitting the cost with me and was turned down.

Surprisingly, the terminology is they would not “forgive” the debt. How can I be “forgiven” for a debt that was not mine, which was for a service that was never used?

Randy Lee