Mouse-ear Chickweed

Biology: Mouse-ear chickweed (Cerastium vulgatum) is a broadleaf weed that normally acts as a perennial; however, it has the ability to act as a winter annual depending climate conditions. Mouse-ear chickweed germinates by seed from late summer to fall or early spring. As long as cool climate conditions and moist soil persist, germination can also continue into the summer. Similar to common chickweed, its prostrate growth habit and capabilities to withstand low mowing practices make mouse-ear chickweed a prominent weed in turfgrass and other mowed areas throughout the United States. Mouse-ear chickweed can sometimes be mistaken for common chickweed; however, common chickweed does not have hairy leaves and its nodes cannot form roots when they touch soil. Apex Pest and Weed control can treat for this and other invasive weeds in your lawn. Call today for a free consultation on your lawn 775-289-6000.

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