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The “Fiddler on the Roof”, Alicia Saunders, accompanies Anatevka villagers (clockwise from top left)) Jenna Wines (Chava); William Calhoun (Perchik); Daniel Murphree (Tevye); Annette Marshall (Goldie); Cora Calhoun (Tzeitel); Chris Christensen (Constable): Fay Saunders (Shprintze); Catie Murphree (Bielke); Thomas Murphree (Motel); Becca Murphree (Yente); Henry Bishop (Mendel); and Samantha Murphree (a Russian citizen) as they and other castmates perform the Ely Children’s Theater production on UMC’s stage the weekends of August 24 – 25 and August 31-September 1. Exact times and ticket information in this week’s TIMES ad. Come enjoy this merry musical!