By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Over the last month the Sheriff’s Office has received reports of someone or someone’s who have been stealing stop signs and recently a manhole cover.

One of the stop signs that was stolen was located at SR 490 and 212 North. The individual responsible had pulled the sign out of the ground, with what appeared to be a chain and then drug it down the roadway using their vehicle. The sign was located, but it sustained so much damage it can’t be used.

The manhole cover had been stolen from a local city street, located near Ave. L and Ave. M.  That cover has not been recovered.

The theft or damage of property is not only against the law which carries fines and penalties, the responsible person can also be held responsible for any civil actions that’s filed against them from any damage or injury that might occur due to their actions.

Removing stop signs or traffic control devices put the operators of vehicles and pedestrians in danger. Removing manhole covers puts all the public in danger. Someone out walking, driving their vehicles or riding bikes or all other types of activity puts them at risk.

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s help in this matter. If you have seen or heard of information related to these crimes, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 289-8808. Thank you for your assistance.