Submitted by Minnis Alderman

With the White Pine Community Choir’s increased performances as well as its mission to promote the advancement of all, the fine arts, a headquarters was needed.

Beginning in May, 1985, the choir began its pursuit of acquiring “a place.” December 15,1985, marked the pursuit’s beginning at it’s performance of EXCEEDING GREAT JOY in the Convention Center. On February 24, 1986, letters were sent to businesses, organizations, and individuals, to invite over-all participating in the planning. GREAT RESPONSE!

1986 marked the choir’s beginning to raise monies: yard sales (indoor and outdoor); Railfair food sales; auctions; traveling baked sales; Radiothons; snow cones at Arts in the Park and at the Fair; raffles; sub-sales (traveling, Arts in the Park, Fair);Spook House; Fair booth;BYU Ballet; brochures distributed through businesses and organizations.

THEN 1987 OCCURRED! Next Ely Times.