The Ely Times

Airport manager Lance Gale spoke before the White Pine County Commission at a recent meeting and gave an update on some issues at the airport.

MedX AirOne, a new med flight company, has come into White Pine and is providing services for patients that need to be flown out. In an earlier commission meeting, it was reported that MedX AirOne wanted to rent a hangar that four tenants were currently leasing from the county.

Due to the building being more than a   100 years old, there was some concerns, so an inspection was completed at Gale’s request.

Gale reported that the hangar is in great condition. Each tenant shares about 1,450 square feet space.

“We charge $55 a month for each tenant,” Gale said. “The county pays for the water and power and they store airplanes in there for $55 a month, which is a great deal.”

MedX AirOne has decided to build their own hangar, which will actually equal two hangar spaces by the time they have their aircraft and an office space located inside the hangar space.

Gale said, “You’ve approved 10,000 square feet, 60×60 feet of it will be hangar with a 30×40 office space complex that the pilot would be in to use that space right next to the hangar.”

Gale explained that Commissioner Steve Stork asked him to reach out and see if other airports do this. Gale reached out to Elko and reported that they do indeed do the same thing.

Gale explained that their fee structure was within White Pine’s fee structure  at 25 cents per square feet on an annual basis.

The next agenda item was discussion of MedX AirOne to lease the old terminal building currently occupied by RSVP.

The item was tabled.

In the beginning of the meeting, a letter from the director Susan Haas explained RSVP’s efforts in the community and the ability to assist the 183 local clients has been due to White Pine County’s assistance with funding and the ability to have the office space at the airport.

“For the past 25 years White Pine County has generously offered office space. Without a donated space their operation would be compromised. We respectfully request your continued report.”

Med Ex Air One is a company that just recently begun transporting patients out of the area who need critical medical care.

American Med Flight has been working out of the Ely airport for approximately 15 years, and recently purchased the Ely Jet Center located at the airport.