By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Where did the time go? August 27th has arrived and that means it’s time for school. Which brings me to this week’s topic of the Sheriff’s Corner.

School zones, stopping for school busses and pedestrian right of way. School zones are designated areas that have been identified near or around schools that require vehicles to be operated at a slower speed to keep our children safe. The zones are patrolled regularly and if a speeder is caught violating the law the fines and penalties are costly. Watch for the flashing lights in the zone which means school children are present.

School busses are out and about picking up and dropping off children for school activities. If a school bus is stopped with its lights flashing it means that our children are boarding the bus or getting dropped off. Make sure you stop. Not only is it the law, but for the safety of the children it is imperative. As our children are walking to and from school watch out for them in those crosswalks. Make sure you stop back far enough from the crosswalk so that the other vehicles coming in the other lanes are able to see them. Let’s make this a safe school year for our children and lets all be mindful of how precious they are.

Drive safe.