Over the past few years, I have been utilizing Community Service people to help clean up the City by picking up trash along Aultman Street, highways, neighborhoods, empty lots and also pulling weeds.

Working closely with Judge Costner, we have collectively put together a program which has,  at times been a real asset for the City.  Not only do we place people at the Cemetery to mow and clean up, but we are also using them at the Recycling Center and shoveling snow.

I work with City Parks Leadman, Mike Cracraft to use this program as efficiently as possible. I’ve also met with Judge Bishop to have him provide me with Community Service and I occasionally get a few people from Drug Court.  I’ve had many conversations with Sheriff Henroid to see if we could get jail inmates to help pick up trash in their area but so far the Sheriff’s Department is short staffed and there is a liability issue, another avenue I tried was County  Welfare, to possibly use some of those recipients, but since it is grant money, those folks don’t have to provide any Community Service. Although we can’t count on Community Service, when we do get them, we use them to the fullest.

—Thank you, Mayor Van Camp