Birthday Time In McGill!

By Keith Gibson

The Labor Day Holiday is celebrated all over the US.  Not like it was years ago.   I remember getting into my grade school band uniform and also WPHS uniform later in life and marching in the Labor Day parade. Now days in McGill, since the copper smelter and mill are gone, our little town of  McGill has a 3 day birthday   party.

It started with a nice parade Friday afternoon and continued into late Friday night with a street dance with live music.  Saturday a picnic was held at the McGill pool.   The McGill Splash got underway with all the young kids  having fun in  and around the best natural swimming hole in these United States.

There were booths set up on the grassy park, with different articles of the area.  The weather was just perfect. At the stroke of 11 am I caught the aroma of hot dogs cooking.  The McGill Volunteer Firemen were there  firing up the grills and using their master chef expertise putting out some great burgers and  terrific hot dogs.   They served up a lot of them.  It is a great time to sit and visit with folks you haven’t seen for years.  I got to visit with Jess Wright, a fellow McGill kid from way back.  He and his family lived in the house nest to the ball park.  He also informed me that I never mention in my books about the Wrights living in “townsite”.  New comers to McGill used to start in townsite and later move to “middle town”.  So to correct my error I now inform everyone that Jess was one of us urchins from “townsite”.   Boy, for his age he looks great.  Must have been that dust and smelter smoke of our youth.

On a sad note I was informed that a life long friend, Tom Dotson, had passed  on.  Tom was another “townsite” kid.  He lived on E row.  He served aboard the Yorktown Carrier in WWII and later lived in the Reno-Carson City area.

Sunday was the softball game at the ball park.  The three day celebration was brought to a close with the great fireworks display, set off just below McGill Sunday noght.

Very few towns in this great country do such a celebration and we are so lucky to have the folks that have pride in the town to put on this party every year.  A big hats off to the McGill Town Council, McGill Revitalization Committee, the Volunteer Firemen and all others who helped make it a success.

These kinds of events are important to out town, but do not just happen by some miracle every year.  It takes many hours of work and planning by dedicated people.  It also costs a lot of money.  I think it would be nice to set up a fund that folks from far away can donate to.  Maybe something like sending a donation on one’s own birthday.  I will see if this can be done and put an address in one of my next columns.  In the meantime a hearty Happy Birthday to McGill and many, many more.