A number of shelves are baren during Ridleys Supermarket’s remodeling, which is currently under way.
KayLynn Roberts-McMurray photo

The Ely Times

Ridleys supermarket is on a mission to reorganize the store, something they call a “reset” of the store.

Some shelves were visibly empty, items located in different areas of the store and a lot of crates stacked up in aisles.

Several locals shopping in the store expressed varied opinions on the store renovation. Some noted they couldn’t find anything in the store, and others said they were excited to see the changes.

Mark Ridley explains that all of the Ridley’s stores go through similar resets like this periodically.  Several people are brought in from around the company to assist with the project.

When asked about empty shelves, Ridley noted that during resets like this there are always a few sections in transition.

“I know our team always tries to keep sections unavailable for as short of a time as possible and make sure some of the category is always available,” he said.

After the reset, the supermarket will have hand outs with the new aisle locations for the sections that have moved.

“Resets like this are always messy for sure and inconvenient but in the end they are worth it and the only way to keep the store fully updated and having everything our customers are looking for,” Ridley said.

The cosmetic appearance of the store is getting a new look as well. Rock pillars located at the entrance, and the customer restrooms will be updated, and new flooring to the store in the entry ways is being updated as well.

Some of the work has started but will be done in different phases over the next few months.

“We are also doing a total store reset to update our product variety and layout,” Ridley said. “This is done periodically in every store to make sure we have the right items that our customers are looking for and we have the appropriate space in each section to stay in stock of the items customers are buying most.”

The chain that is headquartered in Jerome, Idaho, is under family ownership. The store chain has been operational for close to 30 years. The first grocery story was in Payson, Utah. They currently operate 20 supermarkets in the Nevada, Northern Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

Local Mary FitzSimons-Kerner said “I’m excited to see the positive changes happening at the store. Some rural towns are without grocery stores and I’m grateful that we have this service. I’m appreciative of Ridley’s making this investment in our community.”