The Ely Times

City of Ely Attorney Chuck Odgers reported that Mark Moattar, Luis Tristan and R&R Management have been in touch with him regarding the installation of the backflow prevention devices at their businesses. Many of which are rental properties, and one a local auto repair business.

Several tenants who reside at the apartment at 900 Avenue C  believed they were in danger of having their water shut off and didn’t pay their rent, opting for eviction notices.

A tenant who said she had lived there for one month was packing her families belongings to move after she read the news article in The Ely Times.

She explained that one of her kids was sick since they moved in, there were several repairs not being done such as holes in walls, broken windows, windows nailed shut and the inability to use her garbage disposal because the cord to the disposal was sitting in standing water because the sink was backed up.

She said she anticipated that if Moattar wasn’t going to pay for the repairs, he wouldn’t be spending money on the backflow prevention device, and their water would be turned off.

She said she would deal with the eviction notice that Moattar was serving many with.

Since 2015, the City of Ely began efforts to work with aout 150 local commercial business establishments to have backflow prevention devices installed, a requirement that was handed down by the Nevada Environmental Protection Act.  Prices vary for installation from $1,000 to $20,000.

Several years have passed, and other businesses have been in compliance, some since 2015. When the city council had to make the difficult decision to send a letter notifying the owners that the water would be shut off they received quick responses from several business owners.

They will have to appear before the utility board and City Council on Oct. 11.  There are an estimated 15 businesses left that are still out of compliance.