May 8, 1945 – August 17, 2018
Bill Shaver was born on May 8, 1945 in Ely, Nevada; The fifth  of six children born to Donald and Georgia Shaver.
Bill was small for his age when he was growing up,  probably because his growth was in his brain power.  He was always creating things and building things.  He created his own phonic alphabet and translated others poems to his alphabet.  Bill was a member of Mensa.
After graduating from White Pine High School in 1963, he joined the US Marine Corps.  Bill moved back to Ely where he worked for the City of Ely Parks Department.  Later Bill moved to Reno, Nevada and lived in Veterans Homes under the care of the Veterans Administration.

Bill was preceded in death by his Father and Mother, Don and Georgia Shaver; and two sisters, Jackie Shaver Klaich and Karling Shaver Kolter.  He is survived by his brothers David Shaver of Duarte, California and Michael Shaver of Reno, Nevada; and a sister, Nancy Shaver Blair of St.George,Utah.
He also leaves behind numerous nieces and nephews who will always remember Uncle Bill for his brilliant mind and wicked sense of humor.

Soar with the Eagles, Bill, you are free at last.  Semper Fi.