Submitted by Minnis Alderman

With the multiple fine arts activities existing in the community, the Choir’s promotion of its mission initiated acquiring “a place”. May 15, 1985, the Choir announced its next goal: headquarters for the fine arts. 1986 marked the beginnings of the varieties of money-raising. Various sites were considered for “the place”. During the second quarter of 1987, Father Tim, priest of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, pointed out to some of the Choir members that its “gift” from the construction company might be available CHEAP to a local group that might be interested in fixing it up for community use. The director of the Choir had performed in the Tabernacle and was thus aware of the remarkable acoustics. One of the accompanists for the Choir had grown up in the service of the LDS Tabernacle, and was well-aware of its total possibilities. So those two, Mary Harrison and Minnis Alderman, decided to examine the building to determine its possibilities after all its being vacated. Had the Tabernacle suffered great damage? See next Ely Times article.