The undulating mountains and vast valleys of the basin and range inspired the artists showing through September 28 at the Ely Art Bank.

The traveling exhibition, sponsored by the Nevada Arts Council, includes video components, photography, sculpture and paintings interpreting this region which was shaped by tectonic activity that began 17 million years ago.

“This exhibit is Nevada artists’ take on the landscape of Nevada,” says Stephen Reid, Artist Services Program associate and art installer for the Nevada Arts Council.

Among the 18 pieces on display are “Horst & Graben I” and “Horst & Graben II” by Christopher A. Jones; “Family Fiesta” by Justin Favela; and “The Elder” by Checko Salgado and Greg Higgins.

Allow 30 to 45 minutes to watch the videos and take time to react to the artwork. A complete full-color guide provides information on the artists and their creative processes.

“This exhibit provokes a lot of questions,” says Reid. It’s an opportunity “to look at how artists are contemporarily portraying the state that we live in.”

From Ely, the exhibit travels to Beatty, the tour’s final stop.

Visit the exhibit on Sundays, September 16 and 23 from 11 am – 3 pm. No admission fee. To set up a private tour or for more information, call Virginia Terry (775) 296-1616.